Welcome to Real Men Real Life. I'm John, the photographer.
Photography is my passion, and the male form is one of my favorite subjects.

Real Men Real Life was the shortest, and best, way I knew how to describe my main
approach to male photography. I am inspired by real men, the men I see every
day in everyday places, who possess that certain je ne sais quoi.
These 'everyday' men are anything but ordinary.

I want to show real men in real places, at specific times, capturing personal moments
that are unique and irreplaceable. I want to photograph the same man
over the span of months, or years... or decades.

Life has done its job in creating living, breathing, walking works of art.
My purpose is to remain alert, and capture these moments with artistry.

This site is for self-promotion. I'll be selling prints, books, calendars, etc.
I'm promoting my services as photographer. This site is also an emphatic thank you!
To God for creating such beauty, and our ability to perceive it. And thank you to
these men who have made the world a much more beautiful place to live in.

I hope those visiting this site will see the fun we're having here, and be uplifted.

RMRL launched on December 15, 2010. It will be continuously updated, and expanded.

All Images © Copyright 2011 Real Men Real Life • E-Mail: john@realmenreallife.com